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The Cooperativa Sanitaria de Galicia, CO.SA.GA., is part of a strategic alliance that the Clúster Español de Turismo de Salud (Spanish Cluster of Medical Tourism) has launched under the seal Spaincares. This initiative aims at turning Ourense into a benchmark in the field of Medical Tourism as well as at attracting new patient flows.

The Clúster Español de Turismo de Salud arises from the evolution of the Medical Tourism Project of the National Federation of Private Clinics in which CO.SA.GA. is integrated. Subsequently, the National Association of Spas, the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation, the Business Association of Dependency and the Spanish Confederation of Travel joined this initiative.

The high standards in medical and management quality present in the Health Care Cooperative of Galicia, which made CO.SA.GA. to become the first Galician hospital to obtain the European Quality Seal EFQM 300+, complement with the great possibilities that Ourense and the spa industry can offer in terms of tourism.

The main target of CO.SA.GA. within the Clúster Español de Turismo de Salud is to make its health care services to become a benchmark in the international Medical Tourism market; medical tourists are thereby attracted to visit their facilities. This initiative is developed in the framework of a long-term strategy in association with Spaincares, Medical Tourism being understood as the journey of international patients aiming at receiving a treatment as a primary or secondary motivation.

Awarded with the EFQM 300+ Seal of Excellence of the European Model of Quality, the management and health-care labour carried out by CO.SA.GA. joins to the huge thermal attractive of Ourense, thermal capital of Galicia, the second European city to have the greatest mineral water reserves after Budapest, and the founder of the European Association of Historic and Thermal Cities.

CO.SA.GA.’s participation in the Clúster Español de Turismo de Salud responds to a policy of ongoing improvement that drives the cooperative. Its principal aim is to provide patients, their relatives and companions with satisfaction and relief through a comprehensive, personal and flexible health-care service. CO.SA.GA. is composed of a broad team of health professionals equipped with state-of-the-art technology intended to achieve a more efficient medicine with full success guarantees.

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