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The Health Cooperative of Galicia, CO.SA.GA., has just published the first issue of its corporate magazine, which claims to be a true reflection of their activity and showcase the important portfolio of services available to the whole society Ourense. The publication, which is intended to give continuity in time, a new mechanism is more interaction with the immediate environment of the hospital: the city of Ourense. In this first issue, consisting of 52 pages, “we talk about our history, we list the important portfolio of services we offer and show the strong implication that as a company we have to Ourense society,” explains the president of the Governing Council CO.SA.GA., the Dr. Jose Ignacio Vidal López. The Health Cooperative Galicia has always been known for being at the forefront.

That was 30 years ago, when the promoters of the project created the largest cooperative hospital in Galicia and one of the few in the state, and so it remains today by becoming the first hospital in Galicia in obtaining the European Seal 300+ EFQM Excellence, the most prestigious of those awarded in the field gives EU. “In this long journey, he says the president of the Rector Council will now begin a new way of hand tools for communication gives us even closer to the citizens, because we do not understand our business CO.SA.GA. detached from our environment more immediately, which is none other than the city and the province of Ourense, realities in which we firmly believe. ” With the publication of the magazine, as alleged by Dr. Vidal López, CO.SA.GA. opens a new stage to stay ahead, maintaining its leadership in the sector and not to abandon the path of excellence undertaken long ago to value what it does best: Medical team. SEE MAGAZINE

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