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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – CO.SA.GA Dental

CO.SA.GA. has carried out substantial refurbishment of the infrastructure and the equipment of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Unit to round out the technical resources already available. Thanks to these improvements, CO.SA.GA. has become the first hospital establishment in Galicia to integrate diagnostic and virtual planning tools aimed at facial bone surgery.


The team working at the Oraland Maxillofacial Surgery Unit of CO.SA.GA. is composed of:
  • Dr. Xosé Rubal Maxillofacial surgeon
  • Dra. Carolina Quintas Odontologist

At CO.SA.GA. Dental we offer comprehensive and personal solutions to the problems and needs of the patient – both adults and children (paediatric dentistry) – in a hospital environment. This is translated to more guarantees offered to the patients and the possibility to deal with every Post-surgical emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year including, if needed, the patient’s admission under the supervision of the corresponding doctor.

At CO.SA.GA. Dental we are specialised in painless treatments and have cutting-edge resources at the patient’s disposal.

At CO.SA.GA. Dental tailored financing is at the patient’s disposal. All the information regarding your needs and quotation can be consulted on the e-mail address or at (+34) 988 210 279.


At CO.SA.GA. Dental, medical or surgical treatments are available by means of diagnostic and planning tools that are pioneer in Galicia:
  • Temporomandibular-joint pains. The patient is informed about the pain origin and is offered a solution to the problem.
  • Solutions to every case are offered in case of missing teeth. From the simplest to the most complex cases thanks to the latest implantology and virtual surgical planning techniques.
  • Facial rejuvenation procedures.
  • Orthognathic surgery to correct inappropriate bites and profiles using the best tools for diagnosis and 3D virtual planning.
  • Specific studies to determine if snores or sleep apnea are linked to maxillary problems, as in most cases.
  • Examinations and early diagnosis of problems such as mouth lesions or lumps in face or neck.


At CO.SA.GA. Dental, we offer solutions to every procedure and to every odontology and implantology case:
  • General odontology
  • Dental prostheses and implants
  • Periodontal treatments
  • Paediatric dentistry
  • Orthodontics
Policlínico Santa Cristina
  • In Sáenz Díez Nº3 Tel: 988 210 279
  • Information and appointments at Policlínico Santa Cristina
    Tel: 988 210 279
  • Post-surgical emergencies at Clínica Santa Teresa
    Tel: 988 371 710/11/12



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