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Surgical Area



Essentially, CO.SA.GA. is a surgical hospital. As such, its Surgical Area is one of the most important parts of its overall performance.

The Surgical Area of CO.SA.GA. is located on the fifth floor of the centre Clínica Santa Teresa it comprises two general operating theatres with the best technological equipment for the procedures performed in the hospital. The area is rounded out by a minor and ambulatory-surgery operating theatre at the Policlínico Santa Cristina.

These multipurpose operating theatres assure quick and high-quality health care in any surgical specialty. In addition, CO.SA.GA. includes a treatment room, a plaster-cast room, and a post-anaesthesia care unit (PACU) where the patients can recover during their immediate post-operative period. The Surgical Area leads directly to the sterilisation service. The laboratory, blood bank and pathological anatomy are closely linked and guarantee a quick performance of diagnostic tests, intraoperative biopsies and the treatment of postoperative samples.

Professionalism, training, prestige, experience, team-work capacity and ongoing improvement are part of the values that can be attributed to the Surgical Area staff: surgeons, anaesthetist and nursing staff guarantee accurate care, which is translated to good results.


Patient’s security is the main priority in the Surgical Area. This protection is guaranteed by:


  • State-of-the-art anaesthesia equipment so that accurate monitoring and patient follow- up can be assured during surgery
  • Filtration, air-conditioning and positive-pressure systems that reduce the risk of infection
  • Electrical safety systems
  • A quality assurance programme in the surgical area that guarantees the required security conditions (environmental analysis, preventive maintenance, etc.)
  • Surgical-security verification lists have been implemented in CO.SA.GA. for years. Thanks to these lists, errors can be eliminated and the best conditions to perform surgical procedures can be guaranteed




CO.SA.GA. makes available to surgeons and to people who need to undergo surgery cutting-edge equipment and high-qualified staff in safe facilities that are based on a process of ongoing improvement and permanent innovation.

All the lighting devices in the operating theatres have been refurbished, laparoscopy and arthroscopy equipment has been improved as well as the air conditioning equipment, allowing to perform orthotic and prosthetic surgery in a safe environment. Thanks to such improvements, our innovative spirit has become a reality and have let the operating theatres of CO.SA.GA. to move forward into the future providing their users with the best solutions.


CO.SA.GA. comprises:


  • Two equipped operating theatres to perform safe and complex procedures; 3 high- performance anaesthesia trolleys; a crash trolley; a difficult-airway trolley; cardiorespiratory monitoring
  • The two operating systems are equipped with high-level filtration and positive pressure
  • Two laparoscopy and arthroscopy towers with high-definition screens
  • Two x-ray units to perform intraoperative fluoroscopy
  • A phacoemulsificator and a microscope for otorhinolaryngology surgery
  • Specific instrumental boxes adapted to every kind of procedure
  • An operating room fully equipped for ambulatory minor surgery


Recursos Humanos


The team of surgeons and anaesthetists is formed by experienced professionals with an acclaimed career. There is also a stable nursing team which is formed by high-skilled professionals. All these people’s stability, training as well as their professional and personal qualities lead to an orderly functioning of the surgical teams. Thus, in order to perform correctly the surgical procedures, the main focus is on the patient guaranteeing their well-being and safety.


In the surgical area of CO.SA.GA., procedures linked to the following specialties are performed:


  • Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery. Orthopaedic surgery; more than 300 performances a year of hip and knee arthroplasty surgery procedures. Knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow and hip arthroscopic surgery. Foot surgery, hallux valgus, treatment of metatarsalgia, hammertoe, etc. Trauma surgery for fracture treatment. Hand surgery
  • General surgery and gastrointestinal surgery. Laparoscopy surgery for the treatment of colorectal cancer, gallbladder and bile ducts pathology. Major surgery for the treatment of gastrointestinal pathologies. Colorectal surgery. Thyroid surgery. Breast surgery. Surgery to repair abdominal wall defects (hernias, eventrations, etc.)
  • Urological surgery
  • Gynaecologic and obstetric surgery
  • Vascular surgery. Varices surgery
  • Neurological surgery. Spinal surgery
  • Eye surgery. Cataract surgery by means of phacoemulsification
  • Plastic and reparative surgery
  • Dermatology surgery
  • Otorhinolarungology surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Paediatric surgery
  • Pain therapy
  • Bloodless surgery. Preparation,intraoperative treatment and postoperative monitoring of every patient that decides to undergo surgery without using blood products


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